Past tense of: to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk and in such a manner that for an instant in each step all or both feet are off the ground.

Some Thoughts on Running:

Your Mileage May Vary:

My current thoughts:
- What you could do, and get away with, as a 20 year old is far different than now. So be good to yourself, do a 5-10 minute warmup, then run, then 10 minute cool down with stretching.
- Get a real pair of running shoes. Go to a running store, have then evaluate your feet and pronation, then buy the appropriate shoe. Expect to spend $75-$100. It's worth it. Hereafter you can shop the shoes on sale or buy them online at a discount. Shoes come in 3 basic types: neutral, stability, motion control. It is very important to buy the correct ones for your body.
- Don't increase your mileage more than 10% a week. Start small, gradual buildup in mileage. Try running on softer surfaces if you can (rubber track, treadmill, dirt trails etc). If you run at a track, then the kids can come with you and play around. Kerry used to kick a soccer ball around as I ran at the Webster track.
- Use a training program - here's a couple to try:
- Replace shoes every 300-500 miles.
- Run at least 3 times a week (2 short, 1 long). Sometimes I run early (6am), sometimes during my lunch hour if working from home, and sometimes after work. All depends on family schedule. Not fond of running after dark but at the track there are few hazards.
- Determine your running versus eating schedule. I can't eat within 2 hours before running or else my body tries to hurl. Other people don't seem to have this issue. I can drink Gatorade without problem. Just something to keep in mind.
- Don't worry about pace for a while - just get you legs and body used to running again.
- Buy a wrist GPS to track your mileage. They are great fun and allow you run about anywhere outdoors and can track your run accurately. You can upload your stats to a computer or website. I've found the GPS to be motivational as I can choose a new route and not have to measure it with the car or my bike. I ran the National Mall in DC and it was a blast. In my hometown I ran by down my elementary school, then around a favorite Park, then up my old paper route - man that brought back some memories.
- Run with a friend or consider a website like the Daily Mile to help keep you motivated.
- Run in high-tech fabric to keep the moisture away from your body. Especially important if really hot or cold.
- Your mileage may vary - determine what works best for you